Robina Llewellyn


Statement / Exhibitions

My art is driven by a want to explore the immediate worlds I inhabit and present to others something I have found in that place and time.
A way of saying 'this is what was there while I was'. I bring particular details, for example the abundance of now potentially redundant clocks in public spaces, to the surface for closer inspection and in doing so reveal a few layers of the world that surrounds that detail.

Selected Exhibitions/Projects

2011 : Contrast OK Gallery, Standish

2010 : Conversations with the Collection Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster with Pest Publications

2009 : Routes PR1 Gallery, Preston

2009: Morphic Resonance PSL, Leeds with Pest Publications

2008 - 09 : Pest Publications Investigating artist-led projects in domestic, archive, and social spaces. Working in collaboration with artists Rebecca Chesney and Elaine Speight as part of Castlefield Gallery’s Project Space scheme

2007 : Prestival Networking event and public exhibition of work by 36 invited artists in 13 venues across Preston City Centre in collaboration with Rebecca Chesney and Elaine Speight

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