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Email: katbutton@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.katbutton.com
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My work uses several disciplines including drawing, sculpture, textiles and installation. Primarily my practice involves making and is a playful exploration into colour, form and materials. Objects are decontextualized and using these I create shapes that reflect the spontaneity of nature and organic growth.

Materials are sourced from pound shops and hardware stores with colour and texture an important part of the selection process. These materials are manipulated and sewn, glued or tied to a sculptural base. The transformation of common place objects represented in a new environment inspires me, innovative uses for all manner of mundane materials can therefore be found. Materials used include T-shirts, wool, cable ties, yoga mats, elastic, dusters, sponges and rubber gloves. I am inspired by the natural world, flora and fauna of all kinds, sea creatures and animal architecture such as nests, dens and hives.

The idea of the natural is often competing with man-made and sometimes harmoniously sits together, this if reflected in the materials I use. Audience engagement is important within my practice and the viewer is often invited to touch works and in some cases re-arrange pieces, inviting questions of ownership. There is a subconscious element to my practice and sometimes it takes me a while to understand a piece fully. I often revisit works and these are sometimes used to create new pieces

Selected Exhibitions / Projects

July 2012
Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants. Solo Exhibition, Cross Street Gallery.

January - June 2012
Residency. De La Salle High School, St Helens.

February 2011
We Are Here. Turnpike Gallery, Leigh. 

June 2010
Mad Bad and Sad. Gaenor Deacon &Kat Button, PAD Gallery Preston.

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