Jane Fairhurst

Email: jane@greenslate.plus.com
Website: www.janefairhurst.co.uk
Youtube: Greenslatejane
Twitter: @GreenslateJane
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Fairhurst's recent work, 'Small Mythologies for the New Era', came about as a result of her research into ancient belief systems and her interest in the aesthetic qualities of the 'power objects', talismans, charms and amulets, of ancient cultures that persist into the 21st century.

Belief in the potency of certain objects has been intrinsic to humans since ancient times from the chthonic beliefs of animists in spirits that dwell in the natural world to New Age crystals and pendants to protect from cell phone electromagnetic fields.

Showing the keen observation of the anthropologist Fairhurst has created a series of pseudo ethnographic and new folk artefacts and invites the viewer into her world of myth and legend, a liminal thread linking past to present and future.

As an artist hers is a visual world in which she creates her own 'power objects' and in doing so she charges ordinary things with an aura of the sacred relic.


2010 Master of Fine Art with distinction, Academy of Art and Design, Liverpool


Self employed professional artist and trustee of Cross Street Arts


2009 First prize Lancashire Art Awards, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk - Fairhurst_Fielding collaborative sculpture

2005 First prize Lancashire Art Awards, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk - painting from 'Freefall' series

2005 3D prize, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh – soft sculpture, 'Too Many Happy Meals'

Site specific

2008 Fairhurst_Fielding site specific collaborative practice in Liverpool

Solo exhibitions

2013 'Small Mythologies for the New Era', VAC Gallery, Northwich, Cheshire

2012 'Paula and Jane's Emporium of Curious Objects', Cross Street Gallery, Standish, Wigan, a Fairhurst and Fenwick collaborative and curatorial exhibition

2011 'Rise Up and Build', Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, a Fairhurst_Fielding collaborative and curatorial exhibition

2010 'Transition', Gallery Oldham

2009 'Freefall Series', Panacea, Manchester

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