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Twitter: @GeorgeHaleArt
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George Hale is a Painter. He graduated from The University of Brighton in 2010 (Fine Art Painting). He now lives and works in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

My paintings have developed in style over the years being initially inspired by a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, the illusion of perceiving recognizable shapes in obscure stimulus such as seeing faces in the clouds. I play with this phenomenon by making random brush marks at the beginning of the painting and then finding images that protrude out from these marks. My imagination performs a vital role as the painting develops, adding characters or items to enhance a story or scene. I'm tapping into my psyche to find out what's hidden within. My works range from humorous or sinister scene's to ambiguous playful images. They have become part folly and part autobiography, maintaining joviality with their cartoon like style.

Selected Exhibitions/Projects

He has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including

NXNW arts festival; The Turnpike Gallery Leigh; Art Of Ours, Chorley

Grand Parade Gallery, Brighton

He has had three solo shows; two at Cross Street Arts Gallery (formerly OK Studios),
and one at The Vicarage, Swinley.

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