Adam McAlister


Much of my early work was inspired by artists such as Warhol, Raushenberg and Rosenquist. The Pop art element is clearly evident in the majority of my pieces. Other inspirations have come from more urban artists like Banksy and Dave White and with all of these influences one can see a distinct combination of styles brought together to create these unique pieces.

I have branched out to include artwork inspired by my travels around the world and places visited that have moved me in a profound way to express ideas. The pursuit of a lifelong passion has only been invigorated through immersing myself in different cultures and finding an essence to bring out in my art.

Ultimately, I enjoy indulging myself in my passion for art and hope to carry on with the creation of new and exciting pieces of work made readily available for sale. Future plans are for my work to be on-going with a continued admiration and appreciation from others.

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